Soho Backyard

Escape the busy bar scene at Soho Backyard, the low-key lounge serving tasty food all night long.


Looking for something in Soho off the beaten path? Ask a server or bartender. That’s the concept behind Soho’s Backyard, the super relatable Soho spot that aspires that aspires to be both your bartenders first recommendation and their personal favorite. Unlike the hustle, loud music, and often overly crowded bars that South Tampa is known for, this backyard is designed to be the ideal spot for a toned-down date night or hangout destination when you need an escape from the madness. 


Soho Backyard has an abundance to offer, but their best feature by far is the fact that they serve their entire full menu until closing time, a feat that is basically unheard of in the bar and lounge industry. The same awesome food available at 1p.m. is also available at 1a.m. This means tapas, salads, burgers, sandwiches, flatbreads, and more diverse entrees all night long! Not to mention stellar specials throughout the week.


Spend your Monday nights at Soho Backyard for their renowned trivia night. Starting at 9p.m., the backyard offers $5 Jameson and Rumplemintz shots or any bottle of wine for just $20. Additionally, fellow service industry professionals can enjoy 50% off drinks and 25% off food all day every Tuesday.


Quench your thirst at Wine and Whiskey Wednesdays with a selection of $5 wines and their signature $8 “you call it” old fashioned. Step aside Tuesday’s, because Soho Backyard does their own Taco Thursday’s for those who just cant get enough. This special includes tacos for under $5 made from everything they have onsite to offer like chicken or lobster, in addition to $5 margaritas and Don Julio shots.


Soho Backyard isn’t just the late night place for good food, but they also host a big time brunch menu. Move over traditional wings, delight in duck wings instead. Baja Shrimp Cups made from oven-baked wontons are a delicious culinary invention, as are the avocados stuffed with scrambled eggs and melted mozzarella. Chicken and waffles, breakfast burgers, and more really set this bar apart from the rest as a don’t miss brunch destination.


Escape the hustle and bustle of the Howard Ave scene at this nearby Armenia location. And remember this valuable life lesson: ask your bartender about the best food and drinks in your area. It’s one decision you won’t regret.

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