Nooner! FSU Kickoffs at 12pm – Bloody Mary Brunch Time!

Thanks Hurricane Dorian, you’ve caused the Gov to order the FSU-Boise State game opener to be played at noon in Tally on Saturday!

While some might chant that noon games suck, TampaNoles takes a different approach, much like the pros we are – a noon game is a fantastic opportunity to engage in some FSU-style bloodys and mimosas!

(Learn where the best FSU Watch Party bars in Tampa are!)

Brunch is trendy in TPA – we know because every other Insta post on the weekend shows beautiful people dining beautifully on bloodys, elegantly sipping mimosa, and nibbling on avocado (or smashed pea) toast. So a nooner is the perfect opportunity to combine the trendiness of brunch with the awesome anticipation of FSU football starting the season off with a W for the first time in a couple years!

(And after the sad spectacle that was the Gator-Hurricane “thing” (can we really call it a game?) last weekend, where both teams looked worse than the ‘Noles’ worst game last season, anticipating a solid Seminole performance this weekend and holding bragging rights at the office water cooler for the next week is a pretty good reason to watch, too!)

So gather up your Nooner Gameface, and Lyft yourself to one of TampaNoles’ Licensed Watch Party Locations – we make sure the Seminole game watching experience is the best in Tampa Bay, that the vast majority of TVs only show the ‘Noles, the volume is set to the FSU game, and the food and drinks are great!

Plus – all of our Watch Party bars make a serious contribution to our scholarship fund from the monies earned during FSU games – so when you cheer on FSU at a TampaNoles Watch Party, you’re not just having fun and supporting FSU – you’re actually helping a local student from Tampa attend FSU. Nice job!

Come meet some new friends, cheer on the Seminoles, have a great brunch. And maybe try a bloody!

Go ‘Noles

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