FSU shifts from in-person classes to remote classes March 23 for two weeks

University Remains Open For Business, In-Person Classes Resume April 6

Important Dates:

March 14
Residence halls will close at noon to visitors and for those residents who depart for spring break. Residents who stay may remain in the halls.

March 23 – April 5
Classes will be held via remote instruction.

April 4
Residence halls are anticipated to reopen at noon to visitors and those residents who traveled for spring break.

April 6
Face-to-face classes are anticipated to resume.

Campus Operations:

  • Beginning at the end of the academic day on Friday, March 20, and through at least April 4, Florida State University will move from face-to-face instruction to online instruction and other alternative methods.
  • During the two-week period of online instruction following spring break, the university will remain generally open for normal business operations.
    • Students are encouraged to leave campus for spring break and the two-week period after.
    • Students who leave campus should take with them any devices, textbooks and other materials they will need to continue their coursework remotely.
    • They should take any personal effects, valuables or other items they might need for an extended period of time away from campus.
  • Students who choose to remain in our residence halls on campus during spring break and during the period of online instruction will not be allowed to travel away from Tallahassee and come back to their residence hall.
  • Campus services will remain open and operational with limited or reduced services for students during the two-week online instruction period, such as dining, library services and counseling.
    • Official guidelines around special events will be forthcoming.
    • The university will continue to implement CDC-recommended social distancing on campus.
    • Units that have invited an external speaker or external groups to campus between March 30 and April 6 should postpone, cancel or virtually conduct those events.
  • The university will provide guidance on athletic events and competitions based on coordination with the Atlantic Coast Conference and the NCAA.
  • Despite changes to the delivery of academic content and our residential status, Florida State University remains open and fully operational.
    • University Administrators and Emergency Management officials will continue to take measures to protect the health and safety of our community.
    • Faculty and Staff will play an important role in helping transition coursework to online content and continuing the operations of the institution.  As such, faculty and staff who are well are expected to report to work as normal in their regularly assigned work locations.
    • We have asked all employees who have duties that can be performed elsewhere to begin preparing for remote work. Those preparations should continue; however, we do not anticipate any immediate change to schedules and work locations at this time.
    • OPS employees should continue to work if work is available.    Absent the availability of work, OPS may extend work hours upon return to normal operations to mitigate any hours missed during this period.
    • During the next few weeks the Office of Human Resources, in consultation with University Administration and Emergency Management, will continue to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 and communicate any future adjustments impacting the workplace.
    • Guidance for faculty and staff regarding working from home and other policies will be provided soon.

Please follow updates on fsu.edu/coronavirus by April 5 to get the latest information in case our plan changes due to new developments or recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and the Florida Department of Health.


>>This information was provided by the Florida State University News<<


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