Block Party Your Way Into the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Block Party Your Way Into ;;;—;;;–> The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Summer is a wonderful time of year: pool parties, slushy drinks, salty skin, and

l-ooo—n-;;;-àg days. But, something makes summertime extra. More than blue skies, it’s the feeling that garnet and gold will soon take to the gridiron. A vision more beautiful than any tequila sunrise. What better way to tomahawk chop into football season than with 5K other Tampa Bay area NOLES? The only choice to make is purchasing either general admission or VIP tickets for the August 10th TampaNoles Block Party.

Florida State’s status as an academic-garnet-and gold-mine is a given. FSU is among the nation’s top producers of Fulbright U.S. Scholars and students. Perhaps a lesser-known fact is that NOLES know how to throw a darn good party. Chomp into that. Beautiful people. Big brains. Best bash throwers. U have nothing on the Florida State University. The TampaNoles will bring the Tennessee Street game right to historic Ybor City. Tampa’s biggest Seminole party kicks off at 2:30 P.M. and ends, well, when it ends. Always a sell out, the block party features Ybor’s best bars, great drink specials, live entertainment, and numerous contests and prizes.    

General admission tickets, $30 each, are available until August 9th. Day of event tickets, which are scarce, are $40 each. For those who consider themselves a bit extra, VIP tickets are $150 and worth every piece of hard earned gold. The second floor of Ybor City’s Italian Club will house the ultimate VIP experience. Skip the check in line and, instead, enjoy a catered lunch—starting at 1 P.M. VIPs can indulge in a complimentary open bar and have access to VIP only restrooms. Hey, pristine potties matter. VIP tickets mean partygoers can come and go to the Italian club as they please. Want to hang out on the Italian Club’s balcony and overlook the 7th Avenue shenanigans? With VIP, you can. Ready to pop into the bars (maybe step onto a few and dance) for a bit? VIP gives that flexibility. In order to keep those who are extra feeling extra garnet and gold, there are only 150 VIP tickets available and they’ll go faster than a Warrick Dunn rushing play. You know that’s fast.

In addition to being beautiful braniacs who host solid bashes, TampaNoles are philanthropic. The Tampa Bay Seminole Club is a volunteer-run, non-profit 501c3 organization. Granted it’s a good time, the annual block party is the club’s largest fundraiser—with thousands of dollars in proceeds funding both need and merit based scholarships for future NOLES at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

It’s unlikely you’re yearning for the orthodontist-appointment-filled-days of middle school. Immediately travel back in time to the golden days—precious years at FSU? Highly likely. The TampaNOLES block party offers the perfect blend of modern and nostalgia—think Potbellies with clean bathrooms. Spend an afternoon making memories that you will, actually, remember. Welcome football season the way only TampaNOLES can—have a blast while funding future garnet and gold educations. Visit the ticketing website by clicking here for more information and to purchase tickets. The most wonderful time of the year is just two months away. Go NOLES ;;;—;;;—–>

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