Bar Louie

Looking for a good meal in a cool place? Bar Louie is the place to go! Located in International Plaza, Bar Louie is ready to serve you good food and give you a nice dining experience in a convenient location you’ll love. Next time you’re planning your game day or night out, keep Bar Louie in mind for an experience you won’t regret. Check it out!


The Food

Burgers are always a good choice, no matter the place. But at Bar Louie, it’s an especially good choice. At this grill, you can get a delicious burger or go for one of the many other items on their menu. Try some voodoo chicken, sandwiches, tuscan chicken pasta, drunken fish and chips, or anything else on the menu. For drinks, you can sip on martinis, margaritas, mojitos, cocktails, sangrias and more. And lastly, this restaurant has an extremely impressive collection of beers on tap, so be prepared to make a choice between all the good drinks offered!


The Atmosphere

This place is perfect for your game day needs. There’s a number of televisions surrounding the bar and the rest of the restaurant to make sure you always have a view. The restaurant itself is lit dimly, making for a cool, casual atmosphere for your meal. It’s the perfect location for a relaxed meal or a spirited game day.


The Location

This cool restaurant is located in International Plaza, surrounded by a shopping center full of different clothing shops, shoe stores and more. You can spend the day shopping and then head to Bar Louie for a meal. Or, you can spend the day in Tampa’s downtown before heading here to watch the game on game day. If you’re feeling like a bit more of a drive, there is also another location in Clearwater.

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